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fluently. After all, a story youre telling has already happened, either in real life, or in your imagination. Students will be learning new lessons next year. By being eternally

in the present, the narrative takes the story out of time : it loses touch with the sense of how the past pushes us onwards and makes us act. Combined with first person, theres less scope for narration that works army with the wider implications of whats happening, unless the character actually stops and thinks. Some of these thoughts come from his much fuller exploration of how and why present tense works, and why its become the default for many writers and editors: do track his book down. Will you be singing a song? Tension can only be created by the future being a blank, so theres less scope for suspense and dramatic irony. My grandparents did a lot for me when they were alive. He will not be helping you. Unless you can convincingly pause the action, exposition and flashbacks have to be dumped into the flow of action like a stone. Subject Will be Present Participle (1st form of verb ing) Object.

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Since theres no difference between the narrative tense and the tense of the actors voices and thought. And teaching Creative Writing for the Open University and elsewhere. Will he be taking his exams. She has never sought anyones help in her life. I will be writing a report, we know there is a future to this story because its being told from there its a mystery but not a blank. So its well worth thinking essay essay hard.

Present tense the drawbacks.Immediacy is also inflexibility: the narrative proceeds at the speed of the physical action, theres not much scope for expanding and compressing, and time-shifts are awkward or abrupt.

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Her first novel The Mathematics of Love was published in 2006 and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Best First Book. The action is continuous and forwardmoving. After various jobs including publishing social work books.

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