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Attainment of economic development in a country is very much related to social attitudes, political conditions, human resources, and also very much depending on psychological, social culture and political requirements of the country itself.Gadgil also observed, All attitudes, habits of mind, patterns of behaviour, are born out of chiefly historical institutional modes of living.Advertisements: On the other hand, changes arising on the factor supply are also related tocapital accumulation, discovery of new resources, introduction of new and more efficient production techniques, increase in size of population and organisational changes.

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will suffer losses due to low prices. The role of politics in the oil sector. Bargaining power of customers The govt. The country should arrange cheap and larger volume of credit facilities readily available for its industrialists, cultivators, businessmen, small traders and new entrepreneurs. Moreover the oil and gas industry has significant amount of regulations which again increases the barriers to entry. Therefore, in order to attain structural change in the economy, there is the necessity of change in the social structure of its society. Five force analysis Supply : Supply from the internal market satisfies 30 of the demand for crude. Secondly, they have emerged as the champions in the business taking english language paper 1 q4 brighton rock examples part in the production and distribution of the oil products through National Oil Corporations.

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Hence, xiv Inappropriate Social Structure, population provides labour and entrepreneurship as an important factor service. It is spirit itself that builds the body. Attainment of economic development necessities a suitable environment for initiating. Presently, cairn was able to discover oil in this area. Then they can paper attain higher level of development at a quicker pace. Sudan has already split into two nations. The consumers of the oil are diversified in terms of geographical location. The state also gives directions on which resources are available and which should not be accessed. Poverty and environmental degradation are likely to continue. There aqa is every need for these national oil companies.

Oil and gas sector value chain consists of several activities like exploration and development, production and refining and finally storage.The oil and gas industry is a key sector and has strong linkages with various other sectors and has had a significant role in the growth of the Indian economy.Home Free Essays The Global Oil and Gas Industry.

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MMT of oil and gas in FY 09 from its acquired assets. However, these are, its people should be agent orange essay respected, industry volume which s an indicator of consumption of oil and gas and is measured in BOE millions of barrels equivalent. Urban slums may be located near major roads. Here the real per capita income of a country simply indicates total money income adjusted to price level changes over time. In order to provide all outward push to the production frontier. Again, apos, the prices of the oil products will be going down. KG basin discoveries would provide relief in terms of increased supply but demand would still be largely unmet. Also it is expected that there would be a gradual shift to renewable sources. Oil is a very precious commodity. Vref1 accessed 15 December 2018 Reference Copied to Clipboard.

Undoubtedly, it is the only resource that runs the world economy according to Inkpen (2010, 3).The UK prepared an Act called Petroleum Act of 1934.

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Expansion of the scale of production and its diversification depend very much on the size of the market prevailing in the country.