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my own design inspired by their wrapping paper bin. Now measure the length between the legs at the widest part of the legs. But all the ones I have

wanted are just way too pricey for. See, like I have been wanting a wrapping station for like well, for forever. It just may be my most favorite thing I have ever made. . So basically their wrapping paper bin was an old kitchen stool turned upside down. . Pin both bags together at top. We have had a terrible year in the UK for rainit has been coming down by the bucket-load for months on endhence the raindrop sheet! Measure from right under the seat part to the bottom of the last rung. My stool was a light colored wood that I no longer like so I sprayed it white. Oh yes, I was in love with this idea! Trim off the excess fabric. Big Thanks to Flea Market Style for the great idea!

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Place folded part of wrapping bias tape on top of marks and tack in place. You can buy these at any hardware store. This is the wrapping piece that I traced out and cut. Please feel free to use any of my pictures. Now you have 4 pieces of fabric in two different sizes. Repeat with the other two bags.

Im so excited about todays Fat Quarter Friday project.Like, Im mildly obsessed with it, seriously!It just may be my most favorite thing I have ever made.

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Sew on essay the lines you just drew. Just remember all of my tutorials are for personal use only. Here is some printable wrap you might essay like to use. Lamy, im mildly obsessed with it, seriously. So measure your piece of fabric or use your measurements to determine the amount of fabric needed. Leave the top widest part of bag open.

Please enter all required details, gift card number Gift card number Gift card number.Fabric: To make two larger bags and two smaller bags like I did you are going to need about 2 1/2 yards of fabric or one 5 twin flat sheet from Walmart.


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