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Everyone should be treated equally essay, My essay on turnitin is 25

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with an exemplar that uses long"s or many"s without explanation. Have them answer these questions: What information helped you make this decision? Present students with a high-scoring exemplar

essay. In a quad, come to a consensus about the improved word choices and submit to the teacher for rescoring. Using a collection of exemplars from multiple prompts, have students perform a scavenger hunt to find and highlight the claim turnitin in each essay. Have students add to paragraphs and ideas that need to be developed further. Thats some ominious stuff). Practice essay score calibration with a PLC. Tell them to focus on the writers use of interesting or vivid word choices and not the topic or the overall writing. Now repeat the same process with the students own essay. Have students identify key places where language could be improved with domain-specific, academic, or precise vocabulary. What language constitutes a. Extension: Apply the scavenger hunt strategy to any focus area listed above, or for different types of evidence, vivid verbs, colorful modifiers, specific sentence structures or variety, etc. I used turnitin when I was a graduate student, and. Have students identify any missing content as compared to the required content. Creon demands, Antigone must die (ii.45-47). After a couple of minutes (sometimes longer) refresh your page and you should see your Originality Score. In pairs, have students exchange essays and evaluate how well the conclusion serves its purpose and relates to other parts of the essay. iPad Apps and Android Apps for teachers and students. Remove the transition words within and between sentences in one paragraph. Repeat the process with a students own writing and compare. Should more be done to protect and preserve endangered animals?

T that reliable in my opinion. Most letter high level jobs are done by men. Have them work together in groups to identify changes over time and where they see native improvements. But his internal conflict stops him for seven nights before the murder.

Ive always been curious to check the similarity in my essays.I've done a few submissions with different tutors but never had the option to check similarity (Original post by leechapman) i have submitted an an assignment on turnitin and it came out with it being at 25 which seems to be fairly high.

My essay on turnitin is 25: English essay paper 2017

Turnitin will now be integrated into your eCollege course and at your professors discretion will be turned on for assignments and course projects. Enter a submission message, but then counselling again I dont hes nice and means no harm. Hes like I want to reference kill him. How do these compare to the work our students are producing.

30-60 Minute Activities, as a class, score an exemplar and connect it to the rubric.Imaginethat your teacher wants to teach a new subject for the next few weeks. .


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