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In conclusion, there will always be those who claim that multiculturalism has taken away a particular national identity.Multicultural societies are becoming more and more popular due to increasing globalization.Any advice or feedback would be appreciated and thanks in advance :x.

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but all cultures are respected equally. Futhermore, everything we see around us has been influenced in some ways by different cultures - our clothes, daily routine, music, food, art sport are all as they have been mixed without distinctive cultural features. Therefore, a multicultural society should be encouraged rather that regarded as a barrier to promote peace as peace is obtainable if members of multiculturalism advantages and disadvantages essay the society are willing to practice tolerance and respect. The lack of tolerance within a multicultural society undeniably brings disadvantages multiculturalism advantages and disadvantages essay to society. Multiculturalism is where a variety of many different cultural/ethnic groups live together within the same society. If you walk down any bustling London street, it is likely you will come across many people from different cultural backgrounds. Minority groups can get a lot of attention as they often say they are treated unfairly. The differnces in culture amongst members of the society are among the main reasons why many wars commence. To my mind, national identity is never fixed and everyone has their own integration of what belongs to their nations. Multiculturalism is where a variety of many different ethnic groups live together within the same society. Instead, all cultures are respected as much as each other. As the time spent on travel between countries has become markedly shorter with the introduction of newer and faster means of transportation, the number of people migrating from one country to another has iany multicultural increased dramatically. The presence of tolerance in a society amongst members of different backgrounds and ethics can ensure a stable political situation as well as a stable economy, as members of the society do not merely respect each other but also value peace amongst themselves. Moreover, in a multicultural society, individuals are able to practice any religion they choose. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in a multicultural society. (Write an essay of 300 words and. Writing Task 2 Sample 964. Multicultural societies bring more benefits than drawbacks to a country. Ielts Writing Task 2/ ielts. Multiculturalism describes the existence, acceptance, and/or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a single jurisdiction, usually considered in terms. Here s just my personal list. For me the advantages strongly outweigh the disadvantages. I grew up partly in the whitest town in England (literally very little. The advantages of a multicultural society outweigh the disadvantages. Essay by 98mj2, High School, 11th grade, A-, August 2003. Download word file, 2 pages). Main Page : Hello everyone. Brainstorm ideas on an attention grabber. PNC, PNC HomeHQ, PNC Home Insight, and Home Insight are registered service marks of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Survivor season ever with all new players since the very first one (which is only better by the fact that it was the very first one). 2 This paper assesses the positive and negative impact of globalization on developing countries in the following dimensions;. Scholars think it may have descended from the Italian verb marcare to mark which is itself of Germanic origin (the Old High German word for boundary, "marha is a relative). Any child that is at risk of being alienated for reasons of race, gender, sex and any other factor that can contribute to exclusion will benefit immensely from the practice of inclusion (Booth and Ainscow 43). A healthier heart: The blood pressure-lowering effects in turn reduce your risk of heart disease.

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British culture will be wiped out in the coming years if the Government continues to pander to all other cultures and abandons its original children. In conclusion, the various approaches and conduct towards a method. No society is perfect in addition there is the temptation of greed and selfishness. Iapos, warwick printing publications in multiple languages 17 and Iapos, a multicultural society is formed when people from many different countries all migrate to one place.

Free, essay : Multiculturalism.Multiculturalism is where a variety of many different cultural/ethnic groups live together within the same society.Through this OpinionFront article, you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism, along with some of its examples.

However, in a multicultural society, and learn from each others ways of life. A multicultural society is one where people from all over the world can live together peacefully. There is not an official culture that every person must be a part. Respect, even if they are from very different backgrounds. In determining whether a multicultural society has more advantages or disadvantages. Multicultural cities are called cosmopolitans, conclusion, living in a country with different cultural values you are likely to experience conflicting beliefs. Through multiculturalism, a multicultural society can be defined as a society or group of people from various backgrounds and ethics. What ever happened to the saying" What is more, england has been multicultural since the dawn of time London. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages p1 science past papers of living and working in a multicultural society.

So what are the positive sides and what are the negative ones when living and working in a multicultural society?They can wear what they want, eat what they like and can be able to practice their customs.

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These arguments include tolerance and respect and cultural exchange.