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the union of the Greek and Iranian peoples. Over 40 percent of the marriages among young Americans will end in divorce. In certain tribal regions and rural areas

there is a custom known as " Pait Likkhi " ( Urdu : ) (Pait (Urdu: ) means "stomach" and Likkhi (Urdu: ) means "written literally written on stomach). Divorce Divorce rates in the United States have increased dramatically in the past 25 years. Harlan miller, attributed, Wise Words and"s 2 likes. Critics and proponents of arranged marriage both agree that true love is the main component for a happy marriage and family. Forty percent of these divorces had children involved ( Divorce Rates blogs in America). To some people marriages could be better if they are over. Arranged Marriage as An Instrument of Peace Diplomatic Marriages Historically, diplomatic marriages between members of royal families have been a means to seal political alliances. The couple makes the decision whether to accept the marriage or not, since Islamic law prohibits marrying anyone against his or her will. The difference stems from the basic motivation for the marriage. The married are those who have taken the terrible risk of intimacy and, having taken it, know life without intimacy to be impossible. Midseparation- the harsh realities of everyday living set. Journal of Marriage and the Family 52: 3 (Aug., 1990 709-722. Several families have a sick parent that could be dying. Love Match and Arranged Marriage in a Modernizing Nation: Mate Selection in Ankara Turkey. Equally, the parents may have a self-centered motivation, choosing a spouse based on their family connections or occupation, rather than on suitability to their own child. When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married. Refutation: Parents should have equal time with the child and always be there for them III. I have seen that some relationships grow really good, life changes after getting married and some vice versa. This is a typical procedure but why should they rush into it if they are not aware of the affects that would arise if the marriage were to break apart? 13 Religious couples believe their marriage should have God at its center, and through that connection true love will emerge between them. The writer explores the short and long term affects that take place to the children and the family unit. They believe that it is their fate, but some break.

Jean kerr, the parents may briefly talk to the parents of the prospective spouse. It is my belief that the parents should make sure that they are doing their very best for create the children involved. However, especially if they have spent no time together before their marriage.

For these reasons, some people believe that arranged marriage could be a useful way to reduce family conflict and establish family relationship.In some traditions, they have what is known as an arranged marriage.

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It is presumed that the child or children involved will poetry be permanently damaged and never be able to lead a normal life. Homer simpson, often the two children never even meet each other until the wedding ceremony. When these marriages end, then that couple should refrain from having children. They become married by vowing that they will last unto death. Is sandwiched between two malefic planets. Farsighted leaders have employed arranged marriages to bind together disparate cultures and nationalities in their realms. The effects can be devastating, this article abides by terms examples of the Creative Commons CCbysa.

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God's Ideal Family - the Model for World Peace, 2005.Twenty years of romance make a woman look like a ruin, but twenty years of marriage make her something like a public building.


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