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Reflection in practice essay - Kevin moody witness protection essay

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Mercer - was widely known in the area, police faced a battle to get the evidence required for legal charges as those who knew him helped to cover his

tracks. The harrowing drama continued last night following the show's debut late last month. The gun was later moved to his loft by Dean Kelly and later found when Kevins home was raided by police who recovered the gun while he was on a family holiday in Florida. Jodie McNee as DC Jackie Carter and extra finding a gun in a loft on Little Boy Blue (Image: Liverpool Echo / ITV). What is a Section 71? After giving police evidence he is taken in to a room and given an immunity notice - which he signs - to accept immunity from prosecution and a new identity under the witness protection programme. A third added: "I thought they were meant to be in Florida? Michael Moran as Kevin Moody in the show (Image: Liverpool Echo / ITV). Another eagle-eyed viewer said: "I like how they are trying to make Blackpool Pleasure Beach be Disneyland Florida.". Which Detective Superintendant Dave Kelly replies with: no, no you cant son. Little Boy Blue continues on Monday night at 9pm on ITV. However they could not link Mercer to the gun, at the time. While Kevin who was only known as Boy X in the real-life court case was supposed to be in Orlando, viewers noticed something very strange. ITV, fiction: Kevin Moody isn't the real name, he was known as Boy. Killers prison life, unforgiven, justice, killer can't sue, dad applauds drama. ITV, bOY X: The real life Kevin was given a new identity after giving information to police. He was arrested at the airport and taken in for questioning, but was reluctant to tell police information through fear of Mercer and his gang. Viewers were left overwhelmed by the devastating story of Rhys Jones and his murder. He is currently appearing in the period comedy drama, Decline and Fall, on BBC1, as Philbrick. However the mistake he made was to give Boy X the job of hiding the weapon, which in the end was his demise, after Boy X agreed to testify against Mercer in return for immunity from prosecution, a new identity under the witness protection and.

Without Boy Xs evidence Mercer could have got away with his crime. Read More, but what is a Section 71 and what is witness protection and why was Boy X given. In this weeks episode of, stephen Graham as Dave Kelly and Sara Powell as Asst Chief Constable Gallan. The real Sean Mercer Image, another vital piece of evidence provided by why purdue essay Boy X was a description of the Hardrock Mountain bike Mercer was riding on the night of the killing.

Boy X, who was given the pseudonym Kevin Moody in ITV drama Little Boy Blue, testified as a witness, the teen, known as Boy X, who was given the pseudonym.Kevin Moody in ITV drama Little Boy Blue.Little Boy Blue viewers spot major blunder;.

Kevin moody witness protection essay. Shopaholism essay

Hes also appeared in Snatch, liverpool, video Unavailable. Video Loading, read More, uk capital gains tax paper for paper gang member and Rhys Jonesapos, kevin. May, s Little Boy Blue tells the story of the 11yearold.


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