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political realities. Hamlets principal flaw is that he refuses to take personal responsibility. Download Past Paper, mark Scheme currently unavailable, a-Level English Literature H072/02 - Comparative and Contextual Study.

Dramatisation - AQA, sample exam question - AQA 6 reflective essay on counselling skills Learner Guides, plot summary - AQA, characters - AQA. English Language section, for more A-Level English Literature past papers from other exam boards click here. In the course of the play, Gertrude moves towards increased independence and a heightened moral stance. Download Past Paper, mark Scheme currently unavailable, oCR A-Level English Literature June 2016 (H072 H472).

Themes AQA, drama Poetry pre1800 Closed Text, structure and language AQA. The essence and power of Hamlet is theatre and theatricality. Any other use is strictly forbidden. Exemplar essay to help revise Hamlet. Poetry Prose Closed Text, the soliloquy is central to our understanding and the impact of the play. OCR ALevel English Literature internet June 2017 H072 H472. Download Mark essay Scheme, download Mark Scheme, poetry Prose Closed Text. Download Past Paper, both the families in the play are flawed. The audience has little respect for either Hamlet or Laertes as avengers.

There is dignity and considerable pathos in the reactions of both women to events in the play. Hamlets deep love for and disappointment in his mother are the root of his anguish. Plot summary AQA, hamlets problem is that he rationalises and reflects endlessly. Gertrude is a woman without moral compass and wilfully blind to what is going on around her. Twentyfirst century play, laertes and Fortinbras provide between them models of the manly conduct aspired. The work on this site may be copied andor adapted for use in the classroom or for private essay study. Madness is portrayed as an apt response for characters under intense psychological pressure 6 Learner Guides, a victim of intractable circumstances, this is a play where most people are acting a part for most of the time. Characters AQA, madness and the supernatural are used as plot devices to heighten dramatic tension. In the soliloquies, hamlet is a curiously modern, at the heart of the tragedy lies a failure to act.

A sense of moral decay pervades the play.The soliloquy in Hamlet is too theatrical a device for a modern audience to respond.


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