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a good role model. In the scene, Launcelot is leaving Shylocks estate to go work for Bassanio instead, and Jessica uses the opportunity to ask him to send

a message to her lover. Shylock is being unfairly victimized due to his Jewish heritage. . This is relevant to the play because although Antonio and Bassanio can get to Venice, they still need Portia to save them. What do you define as a good role model? Breast feeding was thought to have been lower class, so wealthy women would send there babies out to wet nurses to feed the child. Venice, Jews were forced to wear red hats to signify that they were of that race. All three woman are all symbols of strength, Independence and intelligence for woman. The only legitimate job a woman could have was to become a nun and join the convent. Not only do we soon learn she will steal from her father but it is mentioned that she fool heatedly spends the money on luxuries. If you poisonus, do we not die? Either way money was given for whatever option, a dowry would be given to either the husband or the convent, but in the case of the death of the husband the money would be returned to the women. A woman being outspoken and opinionated was rare and unwanted; often a woman with a voice was a woman without a husband. Portia is a representation of this loss as we see that not only is she intellectual, but she is the most highly educated in the court room as she solely saves Antonios life when Bassanio, Gratiano and even the Duke could not save Antonio. In Summary, woman in the renaissance ; - Regardless of having Queens in England, woman had no rights - Inferior to men - Main life goal was to please father, then husband, have sons - Main task to run household - Lower class worked with. Anti-semitism is the opposition to the power and influence of Jewish minorities. This site has taken my writing skills to the next level." "I dread staring at a blank page. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Of, venice, just as men can be good role models women can. Shylock is a villain as a result of the way he has been treated. Portia is an intellectual women whom father died when she was young, leaving her in the company with her friend Nerissa. Portia speaks this line in Act III, Scene II, after hearing that Bassanios dear friend Antonio is paying the price for failing to pay the debt for the 3000 ducats Bassanio borrowed and that Antonios life is on the line. What is a Role Model? Portia tells Bassanio in this Scene how money will not be a problem to save Antonio and to leave at once to save him. Persuasive writing is about convincing others to accept our arguments, conclusions, and adopt our way of thinking. At the time there were no women in court so her actions were a dangerous opposition of norms, but if she had stayed and waited for her husband Antonio would have been dead. (149) Portia is the speaker of this line and plays a major role as a female role model in the play. The, merchant of, venice by William Shakespeare depicts a Jewish money-lender, Shylock, as the antagonist and villain of the play. As a woman she would not have been allowed in the court room, but if it wasnt for Portia Antonio wouldnt be free. Portia is a model for following morals, unlike many characters she does not fret about money or gives into greed but believes that they must do whatever they can to save Antonio. Shylock is simply applying the insults and abuse by his Christian neighbours as reason for his alleged cruel actions. The play depicts how people who have been sinned against can become ruthless in the treatment of others. Women were a possession, a child bearer, a bride with a dowry and a nun, while men ruled as actors, musicians, teachers, scientists and so much more.

Jessica takes her life into importance of silence essay her own hands. Hath not a Jew eyes, this essay shall examine the mistreatment of Shylock because of his Jewish heritage. I shall end this strife, merchant, example, as a result of the way he was treated. He applies the abuse by his Christian neighbours in the past and uses the hatred back towards his enemies thus resulting in Shylock being depicted as a villain. Popular Assignments my travel experience essay new york Essay Prompts, she is also willing to convert religions upon marrying Lorenzo so she may be a respected Christian. Become a Christian, and this loss of genius and the justice she is able to provide proves that womens history is a meager one of oppression and obedience. It is rare to see woman from the era be portrayed with way because they were not thought of this way.

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And Nerissa are all very interesting characters from this time period. For a woman to do this was rare. If a Jew wrong a Christian. This paper cake tin liners uk directly relates to the line This is a mans world woman not allowed in court but it wouldnt be nothing without a woman or a girl. And even though wealthy wives had the power to do so many were still subjected to housework.


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