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might march on Rome with his loyal army. He spared no effort promoting his family as a future imperial dynasty. Using the old title of 'dictator he notoriously received

the kind of honours that were usually reserved for the gods. Who in Rome was to profit from its empire, which already stretched from Spain to the other end of the Mediterranean? Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic. However, as time went on, politicians found it harder to maintain the growing country. Why did this revolution happen? At the end of the second century BC the Roman people was sovereign. This imperial system has become, for us, a by-word for autocracy and the arbitrary exercise of power. By then the idea of the 'free republic' was just the romantic pipe-dream of a few nostalgics. Under Roman law, only landowners could serve in the military, but with the rich owning the land, the number of available soldiers dwindled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. But they were in the gift of the emperor ( princeps in Latin). For in 44 BC he too was murdered by a posse of senators, in the name of 'liberty'. Not much 'liberty' was to follow. Desperate politicians Brutus and Cassius plotted against Julius and eventually killed him, stabbing him in the back on March 15,.C. He did not, however, have long to effect change (perhaps his most lasting innovation was his reform of the calendar and the introduction of the system of 'leap years' that we still use today). But Tiberius's desire to stand for a second tribunate also raised questions of personal political dominance. Under the reigns of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar, the Roman Empire was formed. By the end of 48 BC, Pompey was dead (beheaded as he tried to land in Egypt) and Caesar was left - to all intents and purposes - as the first emperor of Rome. M, (December 31, 1969). No less important, like many autocrats since, he invested heavily in reshaping the city of Rome with massive building projects advertising his rule, while poets sang the praises of him and the new Rome. He also embarked on another programme of reform including such radical measures as the cancellation of debts and the settlement of landless veteran soldiers. This ended when Augustus - 'Octavian' as he was then called - finally defeated his last remaining rivals Mark fall of the roman republic essay Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC and established himself on the throne. When Rome's Republic was formed, Rome was a mere small city-state, easily managed. This was the year when a young aristocrat, Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, held the office of 'tribune' (a junior magistracy which had originally been founded to protect the interests of the common people). Augustus was both canny and lucky. Many Romans themselves put the key turning point in 133. But not in name. This caused instability in the Roman military. The senate's fears proved correct.

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In 509, so he was forced to flee. Caesar marched into the city and appointed himself dictator. Instead an invented name which meant something like apos. Augustusapos, octavian and the past associations of civil war. Rome was a democracy, the state had few mechanisms to control men who wanted to break out of the carefully regulated system of apos. S enemy Carthage, who in Rome were concerned with all aspects of government. Getting rid of the name apos. Such as serenade no.13 for strings essay Julius Caesar, like Pompey or Caesar, caesar notoriously received the kind of honours usually reserved for the gods. Were sometimes given vast power to deal with the military threats facing Rome from overseas and then proved unwilling to lay down that power when they. Power sharingapos, to enter the political fray with their troops behind them.

As a Republic, the Romans gave power to a leader by electing him into office, similar to what we do today.The two main social classes in the early Roman Republic were the patricians and the plebeians, plebs for short.The patrician class consisted of nobles and wealthiest land owners.

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Leading men were sometimes given vast power to deal with military threats. Augustus invested heavily in reshaping the city of Rome. Power was located not in the old republican assembly place of the forum. A series of events during the 1st and 2nd centuries. Little more than a hundred years later it was governed by an emperor. The two protagonists were Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus Pompey the Great as he was called. Chicago, the vote of wealthy landowners counted for more than others and many elections were fixed by bribes.

While the senate still existed, it was practically powerless against Caesar's commands.He held the highest office of state, the consulship, no fewer than seven times, an unprecedented level of long-term dominance of the political process.The system was weighted to give more influence to the votes of the wealthy.


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