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English gcse exam papers 2013 - Essay on effects of heavy rainfall

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the meteorologist. If by chance these cloud droplets fall downward they are evaporated before they reach the ground surface. Theories of Rainfall: Various theories of precipitation and rainfall have

been put forth from time to time but the riddle of raindrop formation still remains unresolved. Most of the rains are received through convectional rainfall accompanied by lightning and cloud thunder. The story can change based on what you find, who lives and who dies, etc. This limits their ability to incorporate the effects of mountains and coastlines and means that small-scale processes, such as convection, must be represented by average approximations. Droplets with more than.5 mm diameter are, generally, considered as rain. The frequent floods, droughts and cyclones have taken away several lives and the increasing level of pollution is causing several health problems. Many areas are experiencing frequent draught-like situation while others are receiving heavy rainfall and floods. Listing of telemetered gages and their characteristics. It has resulted in frequent wildfires. Radar precipitation measurement Radar System Antenna Transmitter Receiver. Slowly and slowly ice crystals grow in size as the deposition of vapour derived through evaporation of super-cooled water droplets on their surfaces continues. Heavy rainfall can increase the water levels which may effect humanlife. Source of all water is precipitation. Normally it wont affect your skin unless you are collecting rain water in order to drink. (i) Cloud Instability Theory of Bergeron Findeisen: Tor Bergeron, an eminent Norwagian meteorologist, postulated his theory of precipitation, known as cloud instability theory or ice crystal theory in 1933. The sea level is expected to rise further with the increase in the temperature in the times to come. Research has already proven that music affects your mood, but does it change how you would react in normal everyday situations? Conclusion Global Warming is a cause of huge concern. Most of the annual amount of rainfall is received during a few months of the year while most of the months either remain dry or receive little rainfall. Some people truly believe that music can do impossible things, be the key to unlocking Alzheimers, improving focus in students, and change our perception on the world. When the falling ice crystals pass through a thick layer of air with temperature more than 0C, they are changed into raindrops and thus begins rainfall. Body 3: Topic sentence: Another major effect of technology is that it gradually destroys our body and mind. Erratic Rainfall Pattern, rise in the temperature level has worst affected the rainfall pattern. Thus, there is summer maximum and winter minimum. All these lead to increase in the size of larger droplets which become raindrops which fall as rains because they cannot be held in suspension by rising air currents. (6) Polar Zone of Low for Precipitation: Precipitation decreases from 60 latitude pole-ward in both the hemispheres. Effect on the Sea The global sea level has risen over the 20th century. The rain gauge should be installed on a level ground and fixed on a masonry foundation of 60 x 60 x 60 cm sunk into ground. (viii) Convective rainfall in hot deserts is not regular but is irregular and sudden. It is likely that in a warmer climate heavy rainfall will increase and be produced by fewer more intense events.

Essay on effects of heavy rainfall

This can be done if each and every individual contributes his her bit towards the cause. Non recording rain gauges ordinary rain gauges and selfrecording defeat rain gauges automatic recording rain gauges are the two commonly use instruments for measuring rainfall Fig. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up Itapos. The temperature is likely to rise further due to global warming as a result of which many more plant and animal species are likely to go extinct. It also interferes with adenosine, rainfall occurs only when cloud droplets change to raindrops. It is a brain chemical that helps the calming effect. There are different statements that are pro and against drinking of coffee. The humans will then have to pick up the dead trees and burn them creating more pollution. Agricultural lands have been impacted adversely due to this.

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The game has multiple endings and outcomes. Erosion, this post by, but only collect the rainfall, there are three ways in which air is forced to move past papers english year 8 upward and thus cools according to adiabatic lapse rate. And waste runoff, effects of heavy rain on human settlements include flooding.

In such situation, the form of precipitation is determined on the basis of dominant factor.Global warming has affected the Earths atmosphere adversely and is likely to impact it further in the times to come.


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