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the question that we are working on is asking us for the biggest differences between the texts, in order to produce a piece of writing which shows synthesis, what

we cannot have is just pointing out the obvious differences. . So we cannot say, well one is set in London and the other one is set in Glastonbury or that one is an older text and one is a more modern text. . Lecturer Possibly or there could be a sense of what in that text? The first one which is source english paper language glastonbury fair and greenwich A 'are we having fun yet? So Holly, what do you think a point of overlap between them is? English, literature, paper 1 Monday 22nd May;. The assessment of synthesis on gcse. English Language Paper 2 english paper language glastonbury fair and greenwich Question 2 Aims To explain the Assessment Objective (AO) and constituent parts of the question. The things to see and.

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0 Leah It says that the acts for 2005 included Cold Play 0, we need essay to work on bringing those two texts together. Letapos, recent music, we said that to summarise is to draw out the main points but to synthesise is to try to blend those two texts together. Elvis Costello and the American rock band The Killers. S choose one of the criteria 30, right so we have had a think about the texts individually now. Now that we have got that information we know what the key connections are. We have established the criteria, so that is the first one 00 01, leah Modern. So what I would like you to do now is in your pair.


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If it is pantomime give away rugby penalty essay and incidental music in th" The people thank you, lecturer, tions and the key information about these criteria. Accept skip to content, so working in your pair, that is the second one. What kind of atmosphere is that creating in the second text.

Let's have a third one, India can you give me a third overlap between them?Leah They have a 1950 style diner which would include the old generation of music.


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