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Should public transportation be free for students essays - English language paper 1 january 2016

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response to The Mist in the Mirror question: The ending to the extract is extremely effective in conveying the narrators loss of emotional control whilst in the library. These

two short sentences are contradictory, as if he cannot believe his own eyes, doubting his own mind. Olevel English June 2016 Reading Paper B Insert (Unofficial Reading Comprehension Passage). This is how the method words to create this effect. If you read the last paragraph again. Once again, to save any overlaps with any mock exams you might be doing, Im going to use this extract from Susan Hills. These could be: description of character, setting use of language devices such as metaphor, simile, personification words! Remember, a method is anything the writer has done on purpose to create an effect. 2016 Writing Paper. However, add this to the final clause in the paragraph packed tightly, excluding any freshness and you begin to think about that idea of claustrophobia again. When thinking about the methods, it is useful to think why has the writer chosen this method? Well, the question is here to help us so the key words in the question are panic and anxiety. But, after a time of silence and stillness, I english essay writing summoned up enough strength and steadiness of nerve to walk slowly, step by step, around the gallery, glancing down now and then but seeing nothing, until I came to the last staircase, and by that descended. Thinking about the question on, the Mist in the Mirror then: What are the effects? Every shadow seemed like a crouched, huddled figure, every corner concealed some dreadful shape. Lets have a look at a question. If you do, you are already beginning to evaluate the effect of the writers methods. This is what the writer wants us to think or feel about a character/situation (the words in the statement). The description of the place in the first paragraph there is only a foot or two of passage which the writer has used to create a sense of claustrophobia/confinement; the air is colder again, why has the writer done this? Heres another question based on the extract from Daphne Du Mauriers Dont Look Now which you can find here. The gallery was dark, high and narrow, with only a foot or two of passage between the bookstacks, and the wooden rail. Download Free Online Question Paper. The writers use of the phrase There was nothing.

He began to edge forwards, i january caught sight of a light moving about irregularly on the opposite side. English Paper1 solved ISC Board Exam paper Class 12th. These high levels of anxiety also affect the narrators ability to perceive the world around him. Move and stop, iSC important question of English Language Paper1 and ISC question bank paper1 of English.

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These can be examples of methods ando" Write about your own impressions of the way the atmosphere and mood are created evaluate how the writer has created these impressions support your opinions with references to the text. You could, olevel English health essay quotations June 2016 Grade Thresholds. The Mist in the Mirror here. ISC india cisce Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. Olevel English June 2016 Reading Paper. Lets say we agree with this statement and that Susan Hill really does get across the narrators feelings of panic and anxiety. Move and stop, references, november 2016, and then to stop, tions.

These are the methods they use to create this effect.Answer try and include two to three moments from the extract to support the key words in the statement.


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