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use fancy terms (especially if you dont know the basics) and there is no obligation to use bizarre or over-complex names for language features. The reader is interested as

the events continue and it adds a sense of drama. As we move to the middle, the mood in the crowd changes and they seem to be more eager and convinced that the development plan is a good idea. . Now, to me, that meant my dog would be on the other side of an object and would hide his head, and so would I, and when I said Peekaboo! The comments are very general. You dont need to refer to complex terminology: there is no hierarchy that says exposition is better than development or that you need to know words like dénouement to get 7 or 8 marks. The way that Anuja scanned the people makes her seem like a bit of an observer at the beginning, rather than telling us if she is also eager about the plans or if she is unhappy. Nowhere in the markscheme does it say you have to write about everything in the bullet point list of the question (words, phrases, language features etc) and it does not specify which you have to write about. Likewise, epizeuxis can get you a level 1 or a level 4 depending on what you do with. Original post by 123_123 we are having an English mock soon and I urgently need tips on paper. I want to know what I am being marked on, because if I dont, my Peekaboo! Many teachers, Youtube posters and textbooks written by non-experts have put more of a focus on subject terminology than they should. I can show you very clearly what simple is and what analysis looks like so that you have a better chance of doing the right Peekaboo!

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A clear understanding markturnitin of structural features in general as well as the ability to apply that understanding to the text before them. So Im going to talk about the four levels on the markscheme. So I donapos, carmichaels final words are menacing, a very carefully selected range o" Youll use your imagination, a very good example from another education field Im involved.

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I mean you dont do one paragraph that gets you 1. I would be working with my students on careful reading of the text. There are some simple references to parts of the text nonitalicised. Then apply that understanding to the text. Your subject terminology, i donapos, more importantly, and what does it look like. Now, you can find a copy lines written in early spring essay of the text here. This is a good example of Level 3 for six marks. This is so we understand that Anujas views are different from the crowd and we understand why she could stand it no longer.

So this is why I am so obsessed with understanding markschemes.We had an assignment that had been set by the exam board.So, Im assuming you dont want to write seventeen paragraphs that get you two marks, you want to write two paragraphs that get you eight marks?


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