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and many more exclusive benefits. This often leads to the exploitation of consumers. This is due to the profit motive that firms have. Prevention of monopolies As the state

allocates all resources it mitigates the risk of monopolies being created. As a result of this, the state is likely to implement a range of different measures in order to ensure equality within the economy. Previous answers to this question 43:, descriptionDiscussion prompt: How have product or service innovations driven pets essay by globalization that you have used or experienced during the past 5 years affected your life for better or worse? Furthermore, public goods will also be provided despite it not being profitable as the state acts in societys interest. Competition Free market economies allow firms to compete against each other. This will often lead to higher costs than there needs. Customers also viewed these items, need customer service? For example, by not intervening in the market it meant that if there were enough people demanding a good/service then the free market would produce. This means that businesses aimed to maximise profit and consumers aimed to utility maximise. Therefore, to do this they will lower their average costs as much as possible. B) The advantages and disadvantages of a free market economy and a command economy : Free market advantages: Choice In a free market economy if there is enough demand for a certain good/service then firms will see this and then produce. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. This concept is called the invisible hand which describes the market forces that allow it to operate at an equilibrium thus maximising the benefit/surplus to both the consumer and producer. Like Adam Smith, Fredrich Hayek also believed in free market economies and that resource allocation would be much more efficient when left to market forces rather than the state. This entails many benefits, the main two being lower prices and greater quality. As a result of this, market outcomes will benefit the consumer rather than the producer thus increasing consumer surplus. Eventually private property would eventually be replaced by common ownership of resources and finally resulting in communism. Rather than operating at the profit maximisation point, when there are high levels of competition firms will operate at the allocative efficient point resulting in a lower price and increased choice for consumers. Although Smith believed in the free market he understood the dangers of a lack of competition in the market place, but did not discuss this in detail as it was not a significant problem in 1700s. In addition to this, the free market will not provide public goods due to the fact that they are not profitable thus leading to missing markets. Previous PostPoetry Essay Assignment, next PostLimitation Period vs Liquidated Debt.

Edexcel the uk economy economics past papers, Descriptive essay i like to travel

He also recognised the issue with free market economies in the provision of public goods. This is due to the fact that the high demand for the goodservice will increase its price thus incentivising businesses to produce the good. Unfavourable consumer market conditions will be created such as high prices and low quality. Responsive to changes in demand, furthermore, this will lead to a welfare loss for society. This will lead to more mechanisation of the production process causing large numbers of people to lose their jobs. This leads to an increase in the choice of goodsservices that are available to consumers. Mar believed that a combination of all these factors would eventually lead to revolution as inequality increased. Profit maximisation The main from max weber essays in sociology bureaucracy objective of firms is to profit maximise.

Free market economies, mixed economy and command economy, a) The distinction between free market, mixed and command economies: reference to Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek and Karl Marx: Adam Smith was a key economist during the 1700s and was best known for his book, the wealth.An indispensable website for cambridge, CIE, igcse, gcse, A Level, IB, AP, edexcel, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting and igcse ICT, igcse.

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Please try again later, command economy advantages, however. This is likely to cyberbullying lead to workers being paid a wage that is as low as possible and that is not a fair reflection of their output. They will be incentivised to replace labour with machinery. List at least three innovations and discuss how they affect you in your everyday life. Header Button Label, view Our Writing SamplesView Our Writing Samples. This may be done through means such as progressive tax system. There are no excess demandsupply as the hindi price mechanism is allowed to function freely. This means that they will produce up to the point where marginal private cost marginal private benefit rather than up to the point where marginal social cost marginal social benefit which is in societies interest.

This can lead to problems such as the over consumption/over production of demerit goods and the under consumption/under production of merit goods.Therefore the consumer benefits as their wants/needs are taken care of and the business benefits by making a profit.


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