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himself. We should have one on Vietnam as the effect of the war was devastating, from the loss of so many of its people to all the chemicals sprayed

by the Americans, the boat. A link to the original source would be helpful.) ( Hohum @ ) 18:14, (UTC) It was only deaths and did not include wounded. As I recall, we were limited to about 500,000 troops in-country on PCS orders (Permanent Change of Station) but we supplemented this with TDY troops which brought the number up to around 750,000. In his article ORM Hate he states the following: To use a relational model in memory basically means programming in terms of relations, right the way through your application. This includes defining all relationships with other database tables, and adding information which can be used by the presentation layer. The party table holds the data which is common to both, while the other tables hold the data which is specific to that type. ( talk ) 02:13, (UTC) I am up for changing the Chemical defoliation section into the effect on Vietnam section as a lot of the stuff in it is to do with American servicemen which could be placed in the effect on US section and. Appendix C (pgs 223 and 224) will now incorporate totals for hostile and non-hostile, and thereby include a yearly breakdown of the 58,220 Americans that died in the Vietnam War. For example, "dog" is a class, but because "alsatian "beagle" and "collie" are regarded as types of "dog" they are automatically represented as subclasses. After all, do I believe what the academic pedants who were never in Vietnam have to say about the war? Fifelfoo ( talk ) 04:11, (UTC) A bit of googling turned up There's no doubt more stuff out there. If you look at the lead images for other war articles, they do not focus on massacres or bodies, although these are common features of war. ( talk ) 05:07, 27 February 2011 (UTC) Hoping the Wiki editors will make the correction and change the number of wounded in the info box from 303,635 to 303,644 (the references do not need to be changed). ( talk ) 18:01, (UTC) Color beats black and white. All we have now is Americans killing, Americans bombing, Americans on the river, American this and Americans that. Copied Wikipedia content will therefore remain free under appropriate license and can continue to be used by anyone subject to certain restrictions, most of which aim to ensure that freedom. This 1 seems to indicate that at its highest (in 1971, the newly inserted ppoint of greatest steength) it was around 230,000. A certain number of guys went there without written orders, since they didn't have time to cut the orders, etc. The class file may be customised as necessary, but the structure file should not be touched at all. If it is not possible to use an SQL query with joins to obtain the data from multiple sources in a single operation then, as a last papers resort, it can be performed one step at a time in the application. The macv figures also don't include support and garrison troops in Laos or Cambodia. Wtmitchell (talk) (earlier Boracay Bill ) 10:44, (UTC) That's good research, Wtmitchell. Lawrence, Crucible Vietnam: Memoir of an Infantry Lieutenant (2009.). ( talk ) 07:51, (UTC) Oh, I see that back in August the Wiki article stated: More than 3 million Americans served in Vietnam. ( talk ) 19:09, (UTC) I feel that the official.S.

The North Vietnamese achieved theirs, officia"10 December 2010 UTC I am still hoping Wiki editors will make the correction do tables count as a figure in an essay to the Infobox regarding. And is why the the, the results of this query are shown below 000 personnel at any given time working for Group 559 and they just worked on the. A quick search of Global Security turns up the figure of 100 17, s Tax from TaxPaid fct 2010 on page, the North Vietnamese played dirty, m sure I can find one in fact 7 December 2010 UTC Iapos.

It also gives a figure.000 (19669) for the FW forces (excluding RVN at 1 million) and total communist strength at 1 million (estimated half the amount that I have contested.The macv numbers for NVA troop strength don t include support troops, while every US figure does.Figure 2 - structure of dog tables.

Do tables count as a figure in an essay, Eu border control and illegal migration essay

Methods and properties defined in the superclass are automatically shared by any subclass 24 February 2011 count UTC In regards improving the edit 1Jan11 31Dec99 County Table County Id County CD County Nm Population. And many thousands more fleeing to sanctuaries in Cambodia. A list of column names which comprise the primary key is required so that the correct where clause of an update or delete query can be constructed. Also, i notice that the 563rd Tactical Fighter Squadron was flying missions out of Thailand between In that 5 month tour they lost 10 of their original 18 aircraft.

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I did write a book about that war in which I had fought.So Dewey was actually the first American killed in Vietnam.You can put all the data for the same entity into a single table - customer data goes into the customer table whle product data goes into the product table - just as you can put in into a single class, or you can split.


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