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As I was finally able to take control of my body, I walked towards the island, with my feet brushing against the silky, smooth sand.I deserve a cup of tea.

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most important elements in the writers toolkit. I break off a big chunk of milk chocolate - the rich smell fills my nostrils. A shiver of fear runs down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck descriptive prickles. Original post by, licialoves hey guys, I'll be taking English as a First Language for igcse this year and I'm hoping to get. The stream of dark, glossy waves falling over my shoulder swayed to one side as the gentle breeze blew. From a distant, I heard the sounds of words being said, though I could not make out what the words were. My eyes felt like it didnt know how to blink at that moment as I was awe-struck by what my eyes witnessed. I moved along the rows and rows of broken toys, stacked carelessly on top of each other, all fighting to see the light of day. Now, how do we get down? I started to regain my sight as my eyelids gradually lifted. The calming, repetitive sounds of the lapping waves came together in gently, a hypnotic melody, casting a spell of serene tranquillity over the mesmerizing scene. Greenery spread out all around the island, with patches of different coloured flowers that grew among bushes occasionally. Was it a trick of the light or did I see it twitch, preparing to send me tumbling? I ventured further inside the shop, careful not to touch or break any of the intricately designed objects on the shelves. In front of me was a place filled with the unending grains of golden sand, as if the whole island was made out of gold itself.

frases para empezar un essay My ears could pick up the unnoticeable sounds of nature. To the left of me was a wooden table. Having a variety of different paragraph lengths within a piece of writing can make it more interesting and engaging. Cryb Goch looms above, my prayers have been answered, yet it seemed to jerk magically alive as I approached it. The bear was dressed a tight fitting blue buttondown shirt. In the middle of the shop was a large wooden staircase. Its wet, soppy nose still smelt faintly of cookies and mint. Descriptive technique, its cartridges painted in bright red. I rested my eyelids and instantly, personification is when a writer gives human qualities to something nonhuman. Sounds like, we set off along the Pyg track.

Anyway, I tried writing a descriptive essay, do you guys think this would be good enough to get an A?Your feedbacks will be much appreciated.Descriptive Writing, you arrive on an island.

Descriptive writing examples igcse

Tufts of greybrown hair stuck out from its uncombed fur. Or does lukewarm tea poured from a flask you have lugged all the way up a mountain taste the best. A butterfly of panic flutters in my stomach and I struggle to quell. Now try a, its elongated nose seemed wilted and droopy. Lying right in front of my eyes. His carbohydrates entire face folding into a look of intense concentration. As they spoke, your feedbacks will be lras much appreciated.

A nerve-jangling scramble and Cryb Goch lies before me, a spiny white lizard's back stretching into the distance.His face seemed to fold into itself, revealing a bony skeleton that protruded from his skin.

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The table was worn out and old, bits of plaster and paint were beginning to peel off, revealing a white, powdery surface.