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Media influence essay, Constitutional reform since 1997 essay

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the right to a fair trial. Thus it would seem that there has been little reform in relation to the electoral system of the UK as only the devolved

parliaments currently use forms of PR and these elected representatives only represent a minority of the population. There was a crossing of the judicial and legislative branch, and this also undermined the theory that in order for the judiciary to safeguard the citizens, it must remain an independent body that isnt influenced by politics. If judges cannot construe a statute in accordance with the convention then they cannot set it aside, they can merely make a declaration of incompatibility which requires specific notice provisions to fulfilled. This is a clear limitation of the act, reaction as while it seems to enshrine certain rights to all individuals of the state, these rights may not in fact be compatible with current law, something only the parliament has the power to amend, with the judiciary. In 2010 most became elected rather than selected by the parties. Society is forever changing; therefore more needs to be addressed and modernized with the UK constitution. In 2010 Backbench Business Committee was established and gave MP's 20 Parliamentary days to debate any issue. Therefore, there is much that can be done towards constitutional reform. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. And so, it can be seen that although there was a change to the UK constitution, the lack of an entrenched bill of human rights shows that the reform did not go far enough. The human Rights Acts of 1998 has been coined the cornerstone of the new British constitution (Bogdanor 2009, p62) as it gives the country something very similar to a bill of rights. In response to the second plan for reformation, the Wakeham report was conducted however, none of the recommendations were adopted. However, it seems that when considering how it has effected members of the state, it does not effect them to such a great extent as was intended by the act itself. The House of Lords itself contained 1330 members, half being hereditary peers; meaning that they had received peership through their families rather than being appointed themselves. Has Constitutional reform in the UK since 1997 made a difference? Critics say it is not enough to deal with the enormous and central power of Parliament. These reforms both make the UK more democratic as they have shown a commitment to protecting our rights as a whole, and further to allow us to hold government to account through other means. The Human Rights Act 1998 is another example of constitutional reform. Therefore, by removing the law lords from the House of Lords and into a separate and individual body - the Supreme Court - the Constitutional Reform Act created a clearer Separation of Powers thereby making the UK more democratic as it prevents an over-mighty executive. Judges found this infringement to be valid and his deportation request was denied. Registration enforces strict rules on finance and conduct.

The devolved assemblies, removing hereditary peers and undertaking a review to remodel within the existing body. First codified legislation since Magna Carta in 1215. While devolution was established as a solution to the apparent lack of legitimacy in the nonEnglish parts of Scotland. Perhaps the greatest challenge to the pre1997 constitution was the plethora of legislation which provided for devolution.

Order now 3 of Welsh voters voted for since a Welsh assembly. This came about after the UKs adoption of the. A reform committee was established in 1998 which proposed that a new Proportional representational system named Alternative vote should be considered. Thank you for listening, specifically for you for only, there have been proposals to make the House of Lords a wholly elected chamber.


In 1999 Labour reformed the House of Lords; Labour removed 600 hereditary peers and reduced it to only 92 hereditary Lords in the House of Lords.Reinforcing this limitation is section 6 of the act which makes it unlawful for all public bodies to act in a way which is incompatible with rights in the convention, yet an act does not include a failure to introduce legislation that is compatible.


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