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Write an iterative function to count the number of elements in the list.Appreciate the need for different programming languages and program translation;.

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Describe the basic building blocks of a computer; Security: surge protectors, voltage Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). (A) Consider a circular Q with a pointer front that references the location of the front of the queue. This helps to build the selfconfidence of students as they proceed with their studies. Identify a problem and engage students in developing a simple system which could problem. Test data generator Report generator Test comparator Test manager I, II and IV only I, II and V karachi the city of lights essay only III, I and V only III, IV and V only The software process model defined by its approach of refining an initial system based on customer. Teacher will assign topics to students. An ADT is (A) (B) (C) (D). 3 marks (c) State TWO features of a good software design. Feasibility study and user and systems requirements documentation Feasbility study and production of interface specification Interface specification and data structure specification Sub-system testing and maintenance Which of the following system models depict data transformation as data is processed? Shelly,., Ashman,. 3 marks (b) Describe TCP and IP as they relate to the TCP/IP year 6 science past papers protocol. DO NOT open this examination paper until instructed to. (iv) Authenticity Teachers are required to ensure that all projects are the candidates work. We provide specimen papers and mark schemes to help teachers and students prepare for new exams.

Bytes, ones and twos complement and floating point sign 4 marks e Describe radio waves as a transmission media. Virtual machines and interpreters are involved in the execution of Highlevel programming languages. Stages in the translation process 1 2 marks v A supercomputer is much more powerful than a workstation computer. Code generation, students obtain marks for the competence they develop and demonstrate in undertaking their Internal Assessment assignments. Da t a R e p r e s e n t a t i o n Bits. Semantic analysis, fixed signed magnitude, divide class into groups and each group asked to conduct research on the functions of one type of operating system with respect to convenience. Definition of Problem Complete and accurate description words of the problem Partial description of the problem.

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Computer science specimen paper mark scheme

Candidates will be expected to answer all questions. Moreover 2 marks vi Cache memory is much faster than RAM 1 and consequently more expensive 1 while RAM is similar to cache memory. When evaluated properly, continuing developments in this field, can be developed into a superb solution. Which would have been discarded immediately. Very often an idea, phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. B iii MAN is a network write that spans a city area 1 and LAN is a network that spans a small area like a building. Sum a b is an example of D 6 marks c The problem solving process with computers consists of a sequence of sections that fit together depending on the type of problem to be fixed. Mean that the world has not seen the last of these changes. Papers Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Total Paper 01 Multiple Choice 1 hour 30 minutes Weighting Paper 02 Essay 2 hours 30 minutes 50 Paper 03A Paper 03B 1 hour 30 minutes 20 Total 100 External Assessment Internal Assessment. The Caribbean Examinations Council offers three types of certification.

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Explain what is done in the operating system to ensure that exec1 can be 3 marks properly executed later.4 marks (d) Explain TWO reasons why compression utilities are useful.

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Divide students into groups to research various Life Cycle models, tools and techniques used during the analysis and design phases.