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piece of academic work, you need to properly acknowledge the material that you have consulted. "Referencing Citations Guide For Law Essays.". Thus: Howarth has argued that: In cases involving

injuries caused by the police in the course of apprehending suspects, whether the injury is to the suspect or to third parties, a relevant consideration is the public interest in the punishment and prevention of crime. Accurate and consistent referencing is essential in all academic work. CIA The world factbook online (2008) eBook from Bartleby. Referencing Citations Guide For Law Essays Internet. Read the journal article, Matthew Groves, your Cheating Art Will Tell On You', (2009) 89(8 law Institute Journal 43). You can citation law essay example insert a page number following the cross-reference or ibid to cite a different page of the same authority. List the cases alphabetically by name. Semi-colons may be used to separate a reference to two different sources in a footnote. For pre-2001 cases you will only need to list the report(s) Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v Hart 1993 AC 593 (HL) In all cases indicate the court in brackets,.g. A full explanation of the bibliography can be found at the end of this guide. Just ensure to be consistent with your approach. Law reports can be found online via the Westlaw and LexisLibrary databases. If the cited phrase/idea is inside brackets, the footnote should be before the closing bracket.

And date, you will be writing committing an act of plagiarism. Repetition of references and crossreferences, s Report plus, available from. Referencing Citations Guide For Law Essays. You must treat this as a secondary reference.

This guide offers guidance based on the Oxford Standard for.The full oscola document, giving more examples and covering the full.

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For example, if you read Smith's arguments in a book by Jones, you would refer to the Jones book in the footnote(s) and bibliography.TheseĀ are used to acknowledge each source you use.


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