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Evolution of biology and physiology on the other hand is much slower, so we wouldnt expect to see big changes in our sleep pattern for hundreds of years at least: the genome lag Restoration theory Oswald (1966) suggested that sleep restores depleted resources of energy.Animals sleep longer if:. .There were estimated to be 67 hours of sleep that he did not make.

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receive the day off when he or she is reading critical in the emotional, physical, and intellectual columns.2. Although the blind man has lost the ability to detect light using rods and cones (so is unable to consciously perceive light) other cells like those containing melanopsin are still detecting light at an unconscious level and passing on this information to the body clock. As a result we would expect protein synthesis to stop half way through a nights sleep. . Early REM : as weve already seen, our first bout of REM sleep usually occurs after 60 descriptive writing lesson plans or 70 minutes of nrem or slow wave cambridge summer school creative writing sleep, before reoccurring every 90 minutes or so (the ultradian rhythm). . However most information is gathered in sleep labs which are very artificial and may affect sleep patterns. . It is estimated that 20 of Western employees work shifts. Clocks have been found to exist in the very simplest forms of life, algae. Randy Gardner and Huber-Weisman (1976) Research against restoration theories Protein synthesis occurs 24 hours a day, not just during stage 4 - although it does seem to peak in stage. They believe that disordered breathing during this period of crucial brain development, caused by OSA, can result in achd, increased aggression, allergies and reduced academic performance. A typical three shift system covering a 24 hour period would involve people working 6am to 2 pm 2pm to 10pm 10pm to 6am Cooper et al (2005) compared rotating shift patterns with fixed. . A second rat was used as a control. . However, this was performed on sportsteams who are likely to be trained to have high reflexes/ reaction times so there are difficulties in generalising theresults of this study. Shift work results in: Fatigue, sleep disturbance, digestive problems, lack of concentration, memory loss and mood swings. Yet, even in the most extreme cases, such as Randy Gardners eleven nights without sleep, the effects are not long lasting. However, when the advocates of an empirically testable theory refuse to give up the theory in the face of overwhelming evidence against it, it seems reasonable to call the theory pseudoscientific. Data on sleep patterns was collected using a polysomnograph (measure of EEG, EMG, EOG etc) and a non-invasive technique for measuring levels of gaba was also used. These findings are supported by other studies that suggest as we get older there are decreases in total sleep time, deep sleep time and REM sleep time increases in sleep latency (time taken to nod off) and stages 1 and 2 sleep time. The fact that it has evolved such a bizarre sleep pattern suggests sleep is serving an essential purpose. These are slower waves with higher amplitude. Treatments for insomnia usually concentrate on the perpetuating factors and attempt to improve sleep hygiene. . Fifteen minutes laid awake at night seems like a lifetime and often we drift in and out of sleep without knowledge. The model is over simplistic since in fact neuro-chemicals appear to be produced throughout a nights sleep and not just during REM. If this wasnt enough it might also be possible to include material on sleep disorders, again to be covered later in this booklet. Only one of the volunteers kept pace. . As a result the studies lack ecological validity, more so than studies of partial deprivation. .

Childhood OSA can result in an inability to concentrate. It seems that individual differences are every bit mothers as important as age differences when studying sleep. This lowers the levels of melatonin in the bloodstream which in turn reduces the feelings of depression.

Similar, psychology resources: Agression, essay, plans for.A is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person's life through simple mathematical cycles.The theory was developed by Wilhelm Fliess in the late 19th century, and was popularized in the United States in late 1970s.

As weve seen our internal rhythm is biorhythms psychology essays greater than 24 hours. Numerous studies have been done validation the theory. Clearly there are issues here with generalization. The cycle length varied between participants but was consistent within individuals. Arbitrariness that are the hallmark of all pseudosciences astrology. Eg 70 for one, a small number of people suffer an extreme form of this that appears to be related to the lack 104 for another, they also had significantly higher levels of circulating fatty acids putting them at greater risk of CHD and hypertension. The studies would have been carried out in biorhythms psychology essays sleep laboratories ensuring a less than natural nights kip. Biorhythm theory, other factors Sleepwalking is more common when people are sleep deprived and tired. REM sleep decreased whilst stage 4 of quiet or nrem sleep increased dramatically from 25 of nights sleep 5 hours asleep per night compared with 9 hours in Victorian times.

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First some other evidence: According to Oswald and Horne loss of these neurotransmitters would explain problems in perception memory and attention experienced following sleep deprivations.g.