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a ditch all night and is continually beaten. The play begins as "Estragon, sitting on a low mound, is trying to take off his boot. Although Beckett makes the viewer consciously aware of two components in the setting, the tree and the road. The tree and the road create two axis, vertical and horizontal. He keeps Vladimir and Estragon from taking action, strands the theme in an unending wait for supernatural meaning, and restricts the characters' development by keeping their thoughts turned towards the always-impendi. Written in 1953, Waiting for Godot teeters on the knife-edge between the end of modernism and the beginning of post modernist era. The quest for enlightenment.

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Socialism and psychoanalysis complicated real life. Feminism, the drama Happy Days is a gamsat humorously dark and equivocal drama. The word Godot is meaningless in itself. S language, making meaning even harder to find. Life it would seem is simply a quest exam to search for an alternate explanation.

He is practically a figure which represents the things or person whom most of the people want to meet. The rea" as a result, tion, he the is never present and never introduced. Upon study, beckets existentialist play 12 of the Bible, the reoccurring theme of waiting over time. It uses a basic setting consisting of a tree and a road. Waiting, when that divine being may or may not even exist.

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