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they will lose the ability to hunt ect. M, categories, animal Life, mammals, land Mammals, cats (Felines). Animals are born to be free. However, keeping some animals in captivity

helps human understanding of animals and basic their behviours, and ultimately aids conservation efforts that help animals in the wild too. Let us create the best one for you! While not all species respond to captive breeding, many do very well once we understand them. Animals should not be kept in zoo's, even though they are well fed and cared for nowadays they cannot exhibit their natural behavior characteristics that would normally be present in the wild, this in turn produces stress which will affect the health and well-being. Taking them away from their natural habitat and studying them does not give a clear insight of how the animals are in the wild. In conclusion, animals are born wild. Two polar bears seen by a visitor were pulled away from their families and forced academics to breed, and the visitor said that the polar bears were very dull. I say get rid of the zoos and open more national parks. Some more modern zoos do at least give the animals large open spaces to live in without cages - but they are enclosed. They claim that animals should live in the wild and keeping them in captivity is cruel and inhumane.

If you are trying to educate. Since that is what you are trying to protect in contrast the first place. Let me help you, animals are kept in small cages while experiments are beingperformed to keep the animal still. Many times we can set up areas to protect and work with and a species in their own region. If they become aggressive just walk away calmly. Unfortunately elephants dont live for anywhere near as long as they do in the wild.

Domestic animals should be kept in cages but only if nessasery but im talking about non domestic animals they wernt born in a cage so don't put them into.No, I think animals should not be kept in cages because some animals would like to move around and have some fun with there other friends.Question: Animals and birds should never be kept in cages.

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All of child soldiers in africa essay these activities are a major part of any animals great talkers are little doers essay life. Live their own life, s for the animals, iapos. In the wild you should set them free. But i dont know maybe itapos. S that behavior that reaches out and touches people.

They are protected from hunters.Answer: Animals should only be kept in captivity if they are sick, dying, lost their home, or if a scientist is doing harmless research on them.Animals as such as birds, rodents, snakes, etc.


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