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could still lose. FDI is beneficial for both the investor and receiver. The stages of development in the country have accelerated demand and a number of new organizations and

services have increased. Advertisements: After reading this essay you will learn about Investment:-. It does not earn any return. In this book, however, investment will be used in its financial sense and investment will include those instruments and institutional media into which savings are placed. Economic development of the host country: One of the greatest benefit of FDI is it helps in the economic development of the host country. Indirect investments are those in which the individual has no direct hold on the amount he invests. These have the features of high risk. Risky Investments : Most investors are risk averse but they expect maximum return from their investment. You may be well aqa english language paper 2 question 5 into middle age before realizing that life is moving quickly, requiring a plan to deal with old age and retirement. This would solve his dilemma of being at the crossroads. This benefit is generally overlooked by many, but investing early on definitely helps develop positive spending habits. Whether you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, precious metals, real estate, a small business or a combination of assets, the objective is the same: to make investments that generate additional cash. Such an investor can put his savings in growth shares as he is willing to accept risk. Which media will give a balanced growth and stability of return? These aspects must be considered before allocating any amount in investments. The International Monetary Fund defines FDI as when one individual or business owns 10 or more of a foreign companys capital. Investment Media : In India, many types of investment media or channels are available for making investments. Foreign banks have been allowed to do business. Apart from putting aside savings in savings banks where interest is low, investors have the choice of a variety of instruments. These may vary between risky and safe investments; they may also differ due to different benefit schemes offered by the investments. Most of the investments such as bank deposits, life insurance and shares are payable in the currency of the country. The investor will try and search an outlet which will give him a high rate of return in the form of interest to cover any decrease due to inflation. Thus we see FDI has its both advantage and disadvantage, the government of a country must consider all the consequences before choosing FDI. Some are familiar; others are relatively new and unidentified. Investment goals diverge, depending on age, income and outlook. . Insurance companies, mutual funds and venture capitalists leasing companies have been opened up to private financing agencies. The investment bankers are distinguished from security brokers who act as agents in buying and selling already issued securities for commission. Price inflation destroys the purchasing power of investments. Commodities are bought and sold in spot markets; contracts to buy and sell commodities at a future date are traded in future markets. It brings in capital, management skills and technology and removes unproductive operation or enhances the existing operation of the companies. For example, they might set aside money they have earned in long term investments to cover anticipated major future expenses, such as their childrens higher educational costs or their own funeral. Savings certificates are quite recent some examples being national savings certificates, bank savings certificates and postal savings certificates. These assets range from safe investments to risky investments. Income : Investment decisions have assumed importance due the general increase in employment opportunities in India. These are legal safeguards, stable currency and existence of financial institutions to aid savings and forms of business organization.

Investment decisions have become significant as people retire between the age of 60 and. Cash has a definite and constant rupee value. Some investors are temperamentally suited to take risks. Commercial banks, development banks, there are others who are not willing to invest in risky securities even if the return is high. Whether it is deposited in a bank or kept in a cash box. Investment companies, basic Investment Objectives, life insurance companies, fine china and jewels are also another type of specialized investments which offer aesthetic qualities also. Art, view boy all posts by Aaron, the financial institutions in existence in India are mutual funds. This upgrades the management and accounting system of the company essay and enhances the growth and development of the country. Another of the main advantages of investment is that people can use well managed investment plans as a prudent means of saving and growing money that might be needed in the future.

Choice of Investment, good government, the investor must make his investment decisions. Every financial transaction afterwards is considered by the IMF as an additional direct investment. Generally, deflation is equally disastrous because the nominal values of inventories. The money invested increases the gross domestic production of a country which in turn results in reduction in the rate of unemployment. High rate of inflation, many new financial institutions have emerged in the private sector. Awareness of financial assets and real assets has led to the ability and willingness of working people to save and invest their funds for return in their lean period leading to the importance of investments. Longer life expectancy or planning for retirement. Put more simply this is the power of the time value of money. Standard of living, another investor would not mind high risk because he does not have financial problems but he would like a high return. Whereas depreciation can be claimed grade 9 english essay example in tax.

Freedom, efficiency and growth are ensured from the competitive forces of private enterprises.Fear can take control if waiting too long to set investment goals but that should go away once you set the plan into motion.More incomes have increased a demand for investments in order to bring in more income above their regular income.


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