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Nuclear Central Intelligence Agency

According to translated Iraqi documentsspecifically a 2002 memo from Jabouria neutron generator was used in his laboratory in several postgraduate nuclear activation projects.Al-Janabi stated that most iaec researchers also taught at universities or advised doctoral students, both for scientific and financial reasons.

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(CP) and to issue building targets to the teams as required. They are also applicable to developing skills useful for centrifuge design and testing. Other sections of ISG nuclear report describe findings concerning equipment and materials that could have supported a renewed centrifuge effort. However, the nuclear program was ended and the intellectual capital decayed in the succeeding years. Even though the existence of their centrifuge enrichment program was known before 1991, the Iraqis did not fully declare its scheme extent and maintained that it was only a limited research and development activity located at Tuwaitha, rather than Ar Rashidiyah. Iraq planned to use gas guns as a research tool for its pre-1991 nuclear weapons program. The video reconnaissance (VR) of a number of buildings at the site was undertaken on 5-6 November 2003 using four multidisciplinary teams to cover the site quickly on a zone-by-zone basis. ISG has received conflicting information as to whether the inquiry shows interest in its potential use for a centrifuge program or was an attempt to ensure that the equipment did not violate provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1051, Annex 3 of the Ongoing Monitoring. Al-Nida State Company This facility, along with the Rashid State Companys Tho Al-Fiqar Factory, had general-purpose machine shops utilizing CNC lathes, CNC milling centers, hydraulic presses, welding equipment, coordinate measuring machines, quality-control laboratories, nondestructive testing equipment, and CAD/CAM computers prior to the recent war. Huwaysh then claims he ordered Abd Al-Baqi Rashid Shiya, then Director General of the Al-Rashid State Company, to find an alternate metalnot subject to nuclear export controlsthat would still be strong enough to make the motor cases for the 81-mm rockets. Prior to 1991, gas centrifuge technology was one of the primary methods being pursued for uranium enrichment, with emphasis being placed on carbon-fiber composite centrifuge rotors. The mission of frje is to repair various types of jet engines used in the Iraqi Air Force (see Figure 14 ). Khalluq Rauf Hamdi Former head of PC-3 Group 2B, responsible for Electromagnetic Isotope Separation (emis). Abd-al-Tawab Abdallah Al Mullah Huwaysh became director of the MIC in 1997 and appeared to bear no loyalty to the former nuclear program and iaec personnel. Initially, a series of consultative meetings were held. Huwaysh recalled that in 20 the frequency of meetings between Saddam and Iraqi nuclear scientists increased. In the 1990s Iraq pursued various laser application. Based on these experiments,. Nafi Abd Al-Latif Tilfah papers and that the Baghdad University of Technology also conducted laser research. Huwaysh reportedly caused the Tho Al-Fiqar Director General to have a heart attack. According to Iraqs disclosures to iaea, ISG interviews and documentary evidence, Iraqs centrifuge program by June 1990 had built with foreign assistance two magnetic-bearing centrifuges, one of which was tested with uranium hexafluoride (UF6) feed. Special-interest groupsthose who stood to benefit from the projectwould then press for its adoption. Site visits conducted in May 2003 revealed that the site was in severe disarray (see Figure 16 ) and could not function again without extensive renovations. Hamdi served as Saids deputy on the rail gun project and the head of the iaec Technical Research Branch. Discussion A group of unknown Iraqis were spotted by Team Bravo loading documents and equipment onto a vehicle on the morning of 22 November. However, the writer says it packed a "much feebler punch on the high seas adding that newspapers would seldom give him credit for having campaigned to extend the UK minimum wage to foreign-flagged ships in domestic waters.

8702 1 past papers mark scheme english literature

Iraq also acquired highly enriched uranium for its research reactors from France and Russia material that was english removed from Iraq following the 1991 Gulf war. Some personnel were also moved to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals MIM the Electricity Commission. Huwaysh, he also served as President of the iaec and sponsored its acquisition of foreignsupplied facilities with which to support a nuclear weapons program. However, using the emis process, overall efficiency for converting electrical obestiy energy into projectile speed was poor.

It adds: The consequence is that 1bn of public money has been committed to a scheme that requires schools to reconfigure their kitchens and canteens.1 a list of translated into english or french articles 2 documents.

Tuwaitha Building 64 was severely damaged during Operation Desert Storm. For example, a senior nuclear scientist told ISG that. Karim Kalif Mohamid was the head of the photography unit of the Technical Research Branch. After 1991, as soon as the 1991 Gulf war ended. During these visits uncovered no indications of nuclear weaponsrelated activity. ISG has not been able to independently confirm the disposition of the second fireset reported to have been assembled in the pre1991 nuclear program. Nevertheless, including sampling and radiation surveys, miscalculation In the year prior the longest paper chain in the uk to Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF MIC undertook improvements to technology in several areas that could have been applied to a renewed centrifuge program for uranium enrichment. Saddam did express his intent to retain the intellectual capital developed during the Iraqi Nuclear Program. The General Manager of the iaec Technical Research Branch sent a threeperson group to the new Al Quds Company to conduct tests and checks in December 2002.

Fadil Al-Janabi, that he should keep nuclear scientists together at the iaec in order to pool their skills and have them available when needed for starting numerous new projects.Also, several sites were utilized for fabrication of equipment needed for emis, including the Zaafaraniya Mechanical Workshop, the Zaafaraniya Power Supply Production Facility, and Al-Radwan (Batra Military Production Feed Plant).

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Baqi claims he was not alone on the 2000 committee in questioning why the military wanted the 81-mm rocket, adding that the 107-mm rocket was easier to produce, had fewer parts, and a bigger warhead.